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  • Posted: 11/19/2018 05:06AM
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  • 4 Must-Buy Audiobooks Audiobooks have been popular since their inception. There are many out there who love listening to various stories and who prefer giving an ear to the stories rather than reading them. Listening to stories has a much more impact on the human mind. The tone, emotions and the way through which the writer or the narrator narrates the story says it all. Audiobooks are also helpful for the visually challenged people. These folks get to witness the emotions and the story through the narration. We at BookHungama encourage our readers to listen to audiobooks as well and our app provides both the things. It is an ebook reader app as well as an audiobook app. People can download audiobooks from this app in an easy manner. We have many audiobooks available here are some of our top picks for this month 1. Happy Ending By Vidya Bhutkar Movies have happy endings and if they don’t people generally don’t go to watch them as it’s not fun to watch a sad ending but what about life? Does happiness at the time of ‘death’ means ‘Happy Ending’ or can we call a certain achievement or a satisfactory end of a certain part of life as ‘Happy Ending’. The writer has focused upon these points. She says that in life ‘death’ may not be the only ‘Happy Ending’ there are certain points in our life where we find a ‘Happy Ending’ and then we continue with the next part of lives. In this book the writers describes the lives of the Indians living abroad. It is her story of how she managed to live satisfactorily in an unknown land while taking care of her children. You can listen to this amazing audiobook with a great story here - 2. Mogli By B.R Bhagwat and narrated by Madhavi Lele How many of you love the Jungle book? We are sure many of you must be loving the Rudyard Kipling’s book. Our writer B.R Bhagwat has successfully translated it in Marathi converting it into a Marathi audiobook. This version has been narrated brilliantly by Madhavi Lele. The impeccable translation and the amazing narration brings all characters such as Mogli, Bageera, Sherkhan and many more. Listen to this amazing audiobook here - Go ahead and have a wonderful time listening to these wonderful audiobooks! Bookhungama Android App Click here to download - Website :- - Sell, Buy, Rent, Trade, Announce, or Advertise Something in your Community absolutely free!!